Central grassroots health investment change, medicine should pay attention to the development of new terminals


Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "National Health Security Project Construction Plan" mentioned that since 2017 no longer arrange for the central budget to support investment in township hospitals and village health room project. News in the grassroots health sector caused an uproar, they puzzled and worried about the direction of the central grass-roots health change? The future of hospitals and village days how to live? Become the focus of network hot. However, the pharmaceutical industry seems to network media is not very interested in this.

So, the central primary health care investment changes to the medical profession really do not have a big impact? There is no analysis of the market value of mining it? The author believes that this is in fact the pharmaceutical industry, market development and operation is a new guide, should arouse the attention of the pharmaceutical industry and attention.

County-level hospitals continue to focus on health care reform

"Planning" clearly stated, county hospitals will be the focus of the next round of development. For the county-level hospital specific health poverty alleviation project construction projects are: to focus on connecting special difficulties areas and national poverty alleviation and development work focus on key counties to ensure that each county (city, district) built 1-2 county public hospitals (Including the hospital); to allow the construction of county hospitals in the new branch, or the shortage of medical resources, covering population, far away from the main urban areas rely on the central township hospitals to build county hospital branch.

"Planning" for the county hospital project ceiling and the amount of subsidies as follows: county-level hospital construction projects a single project subsidy amount not more than 20 million yuan in eastern, central not more than 40 million yuan, the western not more than 50 million yuan.

"Planning" for the future development of county hospitals also pointed out the way: to support the county population of beds is not up to a thousand, the business room area gap larger (including dilapidated buildings) of the county hospital construction, add beds to women Production, pediatrics, Chinese medicine, mental, geriatric diseases such as tilt.

It is not difficult to see the future of the central grass-roots health investment will focus on the grass-roots county-level hospitals. The reason is very clear, the central medical reform in the new 7 years on the hospitals and the huge investment in the village and not in the "strong grassroots" received significant results, how to do? Have been or are exploring to promote the medical association, multi-point practice and counterpart support and other strong grass-roots operations are due to institutional problems and entrainment of social security, preparation, distribution of services, etc., can not let provincial and municipal hospital experts really "sink" Camp for the farmers to provide quality medical services, urban hospitals are still crowds of grassroots, grass-roots "expensive" expensive to continue to exist. The root of the problem is that both the system is difficult, can not break the central and local financial huge investment because of system constraints and did not achieve the purpose! How to do? Therefore, the central government will use the government-led and planned means of the existing system to allocate medical resources with rigid policies so as to strengthen or improve the primary medical care level by changing the direction of investment and re-allocating investment without changing the existing system. This is the "planning" mentioned in the "to ensure that each county (city, district) built 1-2 county-level public hospitals (including Chinese medicine hospital); allow the construction of county hospitals in the new branch, or shortage of medical resources, Covering more than the population, far from the main urban areas rely on the construction of township hospitals in the township hospital branch.

It can be said that the pharmaceutical operation of the opportunity came. Because of the central investment of the county hospital and its branch, in the near future will undoubtedly become a monopoly of the county medical institutions, its vertical and horizontal extension of development or "eat" part of the merger hospitals, or in the crowd to establish regional branch. For the county medical reform, it is reasonable, fast, effective and able to get the majority of the people welcomed the allocation of medical resources, so that many people in the grassroots patients first diagnosis, minor illnesses not the village, serious illness can also enjoy at home county-level medical services, Can effectively alleviate the grass-roots "medical treatment expensive." I believe that this open to the pharmaceutical operations or provide a new market space.

The growth of county-level hospitals and the government to support the emergence of its branch or entrusted management, county hospitals, especially county hospitals can become the county's largest pharmaceutical sales agencies or groups. Henan Province, the original people's Hospital of Henan Province in 2015 accounted for 56% of the total amount of hospital visits, hospitalization accounted for 68% of drug use is 14 township hospitals in 20 times the total use of annual sales of 42 million yuan . Imagine, if the next step by the policy and county-level hospitals with special funds to support them in the county center merger of other centers or new branch, together with the implementation of the system of classification and treatment constraints, the county will greatly block the grass-roots hospital patients, Diagnosis and hospitalization, its drug purchase, inventory and use of course, the county has become the "medical center." Especially the government's affirmation and implementation of the Sanming model, the two-vote system was run by the government pressure, greatly reduced the middle part of the pharmaceutical operation, it can be said that the future county-level hospitals will become the major pharmaceutical companies direct public relations object.

Some people may say that the Government is trying hard to implement a multi-disciplinary approach, but it is only an increase in the number. In 2015, the statistics of the State Planning Commission show that private hospitals account for 52.6% of the total hospitals in China, but only 20% of the total amount of medical treatment, the amount of drug use can be imagined. In other words, if the central focus on increasing funding for grass-roots county hospitals, the same system of county hospitals and its branches or new hospitals, will become the primary target of pharmaceutical sales.

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