Nongovernmental Medical Care in 2017 should be concerned about the nine industry hot spots


Private medical treatment in 2016 is spent in the dilemma, which experienced a new term of network medical care, baidu hemophilia bar incident, Baidu Wei Zexi event, contend for "medical beauty staging" cited controversy and many other troubles, the industry's Trust has also undergone a great test, Baidu search engine promotion, network SEO and so on delivery effect is generally poor, patients to hospital conversion rate remains low, which have led to the 2016 private medical development, and even survival difficulties.

To those who can not Kam, to those who can still recover. 2016 is over, 2017 will come, private medical care should also focus on industry hot spots, and actively integrate into the industry trend, in order to map faster growth.

2017 private medical care should focus on nine industry hot spots, these hot spots related to the implementation of the new medical policy landing, involving mobile medical platform development, involving offline medical services, but also related to medical promotion, cross-border medical, medical capital , Concerned about the hot spots, and actively promote the party is the rapid growth of the road.

Hot spot one: The new medical policy continues to advance

Hot commercial value: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hot push Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

National medical policy with a certain continuity, 2016 medical policy will affect the 2017 medical policy direction and implementation. In February 2016, the Beijing Municipal Government in the city within the context of promoting the "medical separation" policy; in March 2016, the State Health Planning Commission Medical Administration issued "2016 medical and administrative work points", grading clinics are still Down the focus of work, drug monitoring efforts will continue to strengthen; the beginning of the year, the Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission stressed the implementation of the "real name system" registration, cancellation of personal hand-plus doctors, etc., Sichuan Huaxi Hospital announced from March 7, Manual plus and on-site plus.

The state and local governments in the year 2016 introduced a lot of policies, the promotion of the policy of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, a standard appointment appointment policy, but also to expand the practice of multi-point pilot medical policy, and these policies in 2017 there will be some sustained , We can focus on attention, from the introduction of the policy, the implementation to take effect will take some time, and this time is also the rapid development of private medical opportunities.

Medical policies dominate the industry development direction, for private hospitals, the most worthy of attention in 2017 is the graded treatment policy, the doctor more practice policy, health insurance policy, grading treatment policy will involve private owned "medical" Of the mechanism-building, doctors practice more related to the hospital specialist settings and private medical-led mobile medical platform construction, and health insurance policy is related to the settlement of medical expenses.

The starting point of the new medical policy is good, and the implementation of the policy is time-consuming landing, which requires more attention to policy continuity, enforceability and effectiveness, attention to the new medical policy planning and implementation, To the "policy dividend", pay attention to its own "medical conjoined" the upgrading of its operation more flexible.

Hot two: mobile medical strategic expansion

Hot commercial value: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hot push Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★

According to Ai media consulting research report shows that the end of 2015 China Mobile medical health market user scale remains strong growth trend, the end of 2015 China Mobile medical health market user base has grown to 138 million people, compared to 2014 increased by 6600 million Person, an increase of 91.7% year on year.

Mobile medical market is large, and the mobile medical platform represented by doctors, medical doctors and so on has a dominant position in the market competition. It has powerful patient flow, patient data, digital diagnosis and treatment service, etc. November, 2016 5, micro doctors and children's Hospital of Shanghai to build the "Shanghai Children's Internet Hospital," officially announced the launch of clove garden to establish an online clinic to try to move the trend of medical O2O more and more obvious.

Mobile medical platform has been formed, the pursuit of medical capital and investors will inevitably require its strategic expansion, expansion to the various sub-sectors to achieve full coverage of the medical specialist and three-dimensional services to patients, to expand the various regions to promote Close to the patient services, derived from various diseases in order to obtain a higher return on profits.

The strategic expansion of the mobile medical platform is inevitable, in 2017 it will only come faster and more violent, private medical care only to accelerate their own pace of mobile medical treatment, or added to some mobile medical platform, or speed up the specialist O2O system Advance, so that mobile medical platform can only cope with the strategic expansion, to strive for self-development of the industry space.

Hot three: evolution of medical services

Hot commercial value: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hot push Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★

According to the medical industry association in 2015 statistics show that 90% of the private hospitals for the first level or ungraded medical institutions, the number of beds generally less than 100, the hospital more focused on drug treatment, equipment treatment, for large surgery , Exploration and other treatment methods are still in development.

Throughout the current line of hospital services, we focus on the patient's disease diagnosis, medication and other patients with their own services, convenience for patients seeking medical treatment, diagnosis of fluency and effectiveness of treatment is not high, the patient's high Quality medical service experience concern is not high, the top three public hospitals is indeed more patients, private medical focus here can focus on!

Private medical Ye Hao, public hospitals worth mentioning, line hospital services not only according to their own medical service process to force patients to obey, even just need, patients also want to get high-quality, caring and high-value services.

Mobile medical needs line hospital pay more attention to online and offline medical service docking, pay more attention to offline medical service experience, so that the doctor is no longer difficult, so that the doctor is no longer expensive, so that doctors and patients more levels of communication, so that patients with diagnosis Medical treatment process more efficient and smooth, and these, it is private medical need to focus on upgrading the place.

Hot four: innovative medical promotion, to create medical brand IP

Hot commercial value: ★ ★ ★ ★

Hot spots to promote the difficulty: ★ ★ ★

In 2016, the hottest topic in China's business community is live, IP, etc., medical IP is gradually rising, all kinds of specialists in the network to carry out a variety of popular science lectures, all kinds of medical science opened new live courses, The public knows the doctor's work content, but also enhance the patient's sense of trust, the more the better.

In the era of mobile medical care, medical information should be transparent. The planning, design, production and dissemination of medical content are far more penetrating than simple hospital advertisements, more likely to win recognition and more reliant on patients. Of the disease self-diagnosis, pathological explanation and other medical content is loved by patients.

Hospital brand building, the first medical service brand building, medical brand IP, not only can highlight the medical professional academic, and can strengthen the affinity of the star doctor, the value of medical IP content is worthy of private medical deeply excavated.

Hot five: United doctor group, a new high ground of medical services

Hot commercial value: ★ ★ ★ ★

Hot spots to promote the difficulty: ★ ★ ★

With the increasingly open practice of doctors, doctor group is growing rapidly, with Zhang Qiang doctor group as the representative of the specialist, interdisciplinary doctor group is increasingly standardized development, the degree of specialization is not inferior to public hospitals and other institutions.

Independent medical group plays an important role in the era of mobile medical treatment, which not only promote the practice of doctors in offline hospitals, but also provide online medical consultation, online exchange and issue of "second treatment opinion". Doctors resources, this resource is market-oriented, can effectively control, the doctor group is the future of mobile medical age can not be ignored a force.

2017 doctor group, will be toward a greater number, specialist richer, more scientific management of the direction of development, private medical and medical groups can also be strengthened, you can use medical projects to cooperate, you can cooperate on specific diseases, but also Can cooperate on a particular department, these cooperation not only enhance patient satisfaction, but also saves the hospital cost, in one fell swoop several, why not? .

Hot six: focus on health insurance business, the introduction of Internet insurance concept

Hot commercial value: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hot spots to promote the difficulty: ★ ★ ★

In 2016, the founder of the spring rain doctors away, and his life more worried about the doctor's profit model spring rain problem, and for a large number of mobile medical online platform, some have been trying to docking insurance business, especially health and life insurance, its To explore the mobile medical online platform to solve the problem of profitability.

There are already very mature HMO models abroad, in which the insurance companies play a leading role, and domestic insurance companies can not control a large number of patient medical data, the role of hospitals in patient diagnosis and treatment is too strong, the domestic HMO is far from mature, While private health care can consider docking health insurance business, to explore new channels of profitability.

The mechanism of private medical care is flexible, it can introduce more Internet insurance mechanism, active docking health insurance programs, insurance services can also be incorporated into the hospital's "membership card", but also with insurance companies to launch "Joint Medical Insurance Products ", all kinds of cooperation can be explored!

Hot seven: casting medical grade intelligent hardware development, promote hardware and software interoperability

Hot commercial value: ★ ★ ★ ★

Hot push Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★

According to China's wearable computing industry, technological innovation and strategic alliance report shows that China's wearable smart devices since 2010, the market was exponential growth after the market is expected to 2016 market size will reach 17.94 billion yuan, an increase of 70.2%; report Predicts that by 2020, things will be able to create 50 billion automatic connection of the terminal, the total revenue from the Internet of Things will reach 8.9 trillion yuan.

The development of domestic intelligent hardware is changing, and most of the hardware is still sports class, fitness class, entertainment class, really can be used for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and other medical grade intelligent hardware is still relatively small, and medical grade Intelligent hardware market is undoubtedly broad prospects, patient-assisted diagnosis, efficient treatment and rehabilitation of medical-grade intelligent hardware have a great demand.

Most of the private medical business owners in the business of hospitals, but also operates the medicine, equipment and other business, these medical related business can be "patient treatment" together, so that medical grade intelligent hardware to play its unique value, with intelligent hardware company Cooperation, and mobile medical platform cooperation, complementary resources, cooperation and win-win situation.

Hot Eight: Cross - border infiltration of medical development

Hot commercial value: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hot push Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Cross-border medical care in recent years has been rapid development. According to Minsheng Securities statistics, since September 2015, the number of overseas Chinese patients seeking medical treatment has tripled since the beginning of the number of the next few years it will maintain growth.

With the increase in domestic consumption and the increase in the wealthy class, cross-border medical and medical tourism business will have a market outbreak, the private medical services for chronic diseases, difficult diseases and other services at home in the near future, private medical may wish to layout Cross-border medical treatment, to seize market opportunities in advance.

The value of cross-border medical care, not only in a more high-end medical consumer groups, but also because it can be "medical service consumption" as the flow of imports, the latter can bring the appropriate health services, insurance services and merchandise sales, the future can be described as great, Worthy of private medical attention.

Hot nine: joint medical capital, create a new pattern of industry

Hot commercial value: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hot push Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Medical industry is a service, it is a patient just need to lead the industry, the demand for medical treatment services is rigid, relieve pain, restore health is the heartfelt expectations of each patient, while the mass of patients, the rigid demand of the medical service industry is also attractive The capital of the vision, the medical service industry has become the prey of capital.

In 2016 the medical industry capital operation is remarkable. July 13, 2015 evening, the Commission issued a public notice, Kangdelai, step by step starting the pharmaceutical industry, the two are a considerable market position in the field of medical and health companies, a main field of medical equipment, a main business for the heart Cerebrovascular drug production and sales, more pharmaceutical companies, equipment companies and private hospitals are brewing the listing operation.

At the same time, mobile medical platform financing is accelerating. 2016 capital market on the Internet health field of medical heat does not fall but rise, as of June 28, the first half of 2016 a total of more than 1 million yuan investment events 121, the total amount of investment close to a staggering 14 billion, of which The amount of financing more than 29 billion yuan, more than 90 companies received more than 10 million yuan investment.

The medical industry is increasingly becoming a "frontier battlefield" for capital. Private medical care can not stay away from it. It is concerned about the capital operation of mobile medical service in 2017, actively joining with medical capital, initiating efficient hospital merger and medical integration, and leaping development of private medical service. Is very necessary!

Private medical care in 2016 has passed, we traveled in hardships and hardships, and 2017 mobile medical tide will be more surging, private medical care only concerned about the "nine industry hot spots" in order to discern the development of the industry, positive, stand The forefront of the times!

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